Iseria is a slow fashion e-shop, and was created in 2021 in Brussels, on a mission to make slow fashion more accessible.

On our website you can find sustainable clothes & accessories for every(-)body. Find out more about our values below!

We have multiple brands on our website that offer different styles, various ranges of prices and different sizes.

Your favourite slow fashion brand isn’t on our website? We’d love to hear your recommandations. 


Of course this is the foundation of this slow fashion e-shop, sustainability. Every product on this website is eco-friendly from A to Z, the fabrics, the production, the shipping. 

We only sell true slow fashion brands, whose goal is to make great fashion that doesn’t harm the planet, we’ll never accept fast fashion brand that surf on the ecological fashion trend, you have our word!


This is one of the most importantvalue for us. We can guarantee you that the entire process of every product on our website is 100%ethical. Every brand’s factories, workshops and offices meet our high standard requirements insalary andwork environment(nodiscrimination, nochild labour,safeequipment and building).

Cruelty free

Every product on the website has a completely cruelty free creation process. No products, colour or fabric were tested on animals and we do not sell fabrics that implies killing animals like leather or suede. All our “leather” bags or shoes are made from natural or recylced substitutes!

Made of eco-friendly fabrics

All our products are either made of natural (coton, wool, linen…) or recycled fabrics (plastic bottles, apple skin…) none of our products are made from brand new synthetical materials. We also pay attention to where the materials were made and how. 

Plastic free shipping

As we are only starting, we do not have a warehouse yet. Therefore if you order several products from different brands you might get your order delivered in several parcels. Although this is not ideal, it is a temporary solution, and meanwhile we garantee that the parcels do as little traveling as possible and that they are plastic free. Psssst something smells nice in the box? We sprayed it with one of the amazing perfumes of our friendsFiilit!


Although all our products are garanteed 100% cruelty free (you won’t find leather or silk on Iseria). We do offer products that contain wool or alpaga. However, we only offer products for which we can guarantee that the animals are well treated, if you wish your shopping to be vegan just select it in our shop‘s filters


All of our productsdon’t have anorganic labelfor the simple reason that not every fabric can beorganic. Most of our products containrecylced fabricfromplastic bottles,fruit or old clothes and while they aresustainablethey are not organic, but you can select this filter in our shop.

European brands

At Iseria, we believe in the power of local economy, but we also believe in foreign expertise. On our slow fashion e-shop, we only offer brands that are based in the EU, however some of them have part of their production out of EU (transportation by boat only).

So we let you decide, you can filter products 100% made in the EU or by specific country, it’s up to you!